For The Dortch Group, your needs have always been a priority. When it comes to health coverage and choosing the right one for you, your family, or your business, it’s important to know that you are receiving the assistance from an experienced health coverage advisor who has the experience and the drive to get you exactly what you need!

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About Regina & The Dortch Group

At The Dortch Group, we have been providing excellent health coverage services for more than seven years. Regina, our health coverage advisor, has been able to help many people find the health coverage policy that worked for them with her tailored approach — not everyone’s needs are the same, that’s why we take a unique approach for each one of our clients!

We provide health coverage services for the people in most States. Whether you are a young professional ready to embark on your life’s journey, are looking to give your family a great health coverage plan, or an individual running a business, our team is ready to set an health coverage plan that works for you and adapts your budget and needs.

Our top agent, Regina Dortch, is originally from Germany and fluent in German. She is always excited and driven to provide the best insurance services to satisfy her client’s needs and expectations. She specializes in private health insurance and her experience and passion for the field, makes her the go-to options for your health and life insurance needs!

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Whether you are looking for a simple yet effective plan for you or your family, or an all-encompassing plan for your business, Regina and The Dortch Group are here to assist you. Their vast experience and commitment to their clients makes them the right choice when needing health coverage . Contact our team today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment!